Thursday, October 21, 2010

Effective Time Management Skills - Why It Is Better To Manage Your Time Than Not To

My car had gotten to the point that it disgusted me. It was filthy. Not just the outside, but the inside as well. I had shaken out the mats several times over the past few weeks and now the dirt was just filling up my floorboard.

This really isn't like me to drive a dirty car. I love my car and usually I wash it at least once a week. I take and rub down all the leather with armor all, and put that tire shine stuff on to make it really look great. Over the past 4 weeks though I haven't washed my car one time. Today when I finally got disgusted I took it to the $15 car wash, then I spent an hour and a half vacuuming it out.

Normally I am fine with the $5 wash and I can vacuum it in 15 minutes. That's the problem with procrastination. When we put off the things we are supposed to be doing we compound our problems. Not only did I have to suffer with driving around a dirty car, but it took me a lot more time to clean it that it would have if I had just followed my normal maintenance routine.

Yesterday in my blog I talked about "doing HARD things". Today the thought is more about doing the small things without putting them off. Keep this idea in mind as you go through your day. The more we put off things the more we make our life hard. Sometimes it is best to just go ahead and get things out of the way while they are still small problems.


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